Meet Central Florida’s Nonprofit Web Design Firm, GridPlay Designs

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Does your nonprofit’s website design need a fresh touch-up—or maybe even a complete overhaul? If so, you might be looking for a local nonprofit web design firm. That search will quickly lead you to GridPlay Designs.

The Orlando-based design company offers a one-stop-shop for nonprofits that need professional websites, logos, and marketing materials at a price that won’t break the bank.

Designs Crafted With Kindness and Integrity

Has your nonprofit ever dealt with unreliable designers or shelled out too much money for a website?

You’re not the only one.

Hal and Gina Fickett, founders and managers of the Central Florida Nonprofits website, know this all too well. As they continue to serve nonprofits through their free community resource, they’ve learned that high-quality yet affordable design services are hard to come by.

That’s why they launched GridPlay Designs. The Ficketts combined their passion for serving nonprofits with their 13 years of design experience to create a company they love.

As committed Christians, Hal and Gina seek to live out biblical virtues like kindness, integrity, creativity, and hard work—and they love serving nonprofits that embody those same values.

Web Design Services for Nonprofits That Need More

All too often, ministries and charities can’t afford clean, high-quality design because they have to devote most of their resources toward the important work they’re doing. So what does a nonprofit do in that situation?

That’s where GridPlay Designs comes in.

The nonprofit web design firm offers professional, affordable, and reliable design services for small and growing organizations. Their WordPress websites exceed expectations with designs that are gorgeous, search-engine optimized, and user-friendly.

They also design the marketing materials every nonprofit should have: brochures, logos, print or digital ads, business cards, social media images, and email graphics.

Learn more about Hal and Gina’s top-notch services at, or click here for a free, no-obligation quote!

Jenny Rose Spaudo

Jenny Rose Spaudo is a freelance writer and content marketer in the Central Florida area. She helps businesses and ministries grow their reach and increase their leads and sales with compelling content. View some of her writing samples at