Food crisis orlando fl

5 Orlando Nonprofits Closing the Hunger Gap

In Orlando, FL, nearly 110 million more meals are needed to combat the urgent hunger crisis. Learn about five nonprofits and ministries doing their part to close the hunger gap.

domestic violence tampa fl

Tampa Nonprofits Offer Sanctuary to Domestic Violence Victims

In Florida, 34.2% of women and 24.6% of men will experience domestic violence; however, two organizations in Tampa, FL are going above and beyond to help these survivors.

Adoption and foster care orlando fl

These Orlando Nonprofits are Giving Children & Families a Whole New Life

Nearly 60 children will be taken from their homes and placed in foster care in Central Florida in the span of a month. Out of these children, only 60% will graduate from high school and over 20% will become homeless after 18. Fortunately, there are organizations throughout Orlando devoted to providing foster care and adoption resources for children and families.

Arts nonprofits tampa fl

Tampa Nonprofits Use Art & Music to Build Community

These five arts nonprofits in the Tampa Bay area are building community through art education and creative expression.

fitness nonprofits tampa fl

Tampa Nonprofits Use Fitness to Promote Mental Health

The Tampa Bay area is fortunate to have two nonprofit organizations devoted to using fitness to promote physical and psychological well-being.

nonprofit web design firm

Meet Central Florida’s Nonprofit Web Design Firm, GridPlay Designs

It’s the one-stop-shop for nonprofits that need professional and affordable web design and graphic design services.

Financial Checklist for Nonprofit Fundraisers

The Ultimate Financial Checklist for Nonprofit Fundraisers

Get your financial house in order before your next fundraising campaign. Download the ultimate financial checklist for nonprofit fundraisers for free today.